Hey! :0)   How many of you out there like to mop?!  

A strange question, you say!?   I guess so, but, honestly, I enjoy mopping!    No, I do not love doing housework!  I have many things I would rather do, and I often view housework as a necessary evil. However, I actually find mopping to be enjoyable!    

I think the reason I like it is my supplies!  I was adding this to my list of things I'm thankful for one day and I thought I ought to just share it with y'all.

-- In addition, I read and mop at the same time!!   Well, actually, I listen and mop at the same time!     

So, here it it:

I use my inexpensive, non-toxic all-purpose cleaner and this mop which is fantastic!   I just walk around, spray and wipe! :0)   Well, sometimes I have to bend down and scrape or add a little more elbow grease (though not quite as often now that the boys are older :)) 

So, my mop is made by a company called Bona.  It has an adjustable length handle and a flat, swiveling bottom which fits under doors! :)   And, the best part is that the base has velcro on the underside to which you attach re-usable cleaning pads.  I have 4 of them so I don't have to rinse them out while I mop!  I just throw them in the wash when I'm done!!  Super easy!  

This mop also has a dust mop pad as well.  I'm not as excited about sweeping -- I think it's the pile I'm left with at the end of sweeping which isn't all that appealing!  hahaha!     Anyway,...

Here's how to make your own all-purpose cleaner  (I use it on my counters as well as my floors: tile and hardwood)

Here's where I got my mop and extra cleaning pads:   ***I have the 18" Professional one below.