Thankful Thursday! November 12, 2015

I thank the Lord my God for:


Chilly mornings and nights

All my kids and their girlfriends together💜

Brothers supporting each other.  

Going out to breakfast with my Pilates ladies -- and Bruce, of course!😜

Dinner with my Zumba ladies!

Answered prayer

Time to clean the house!

Getting into my cozy bed at night when it's cold!😊💜

The privilege of driving kids where they need to go


“Sometimes it’s hard to explain hope—just what is hope, anyway? The cutest illustration of hope I’ve found is about a little boy who was standing at the foot of the escalator in a big department store, intently watching the handrail. He never took his eyes off the handrail as the escalator kept going around and around. A salesperson saw him and finally asked him if he was lost. The little fellow replied, “Nope. I’m just waiting for my chewing gum to come back.”

If your face is in the dust, if you are in a wringer situation, be like the little boy waiting for his chewing gum to come back. Stand firm, be patient, and trust God. Then get busy with your life . . . there is work to do.


Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy”