Thankful Thursday! December 10, 2015

 Thank you, Lord for:

Wildlife in my yard!!   :-/

Hearing what my friends are thankful for!!

My sweet Bible study group!  Such a peaceful encouraging time together!!

Decorating for Christmas!!

Christmas candles!

Playing Taboo with the family!


"It’s our nature to see things and desire them. People have been struggling with it since God created the world. If we continue to crave the next best thing, though, we’ll never find contentment. If we find ourselves constantly wishing for and wanting more, perhaps we need to close the catalog and focus on all the things we have to be thankful for. There’s no better way to readjust our perspective and move to a place where “I want that!” is referring to kindness, love, humility, and contentment.

When our focus is on being thankful, earthly treasures start to lose their importance. Suddenly our wish lists shrink, and we’re a lot more appreciative of what we have. That doesn’t mean we all move into cardboard boxes and start wearing potato sacks. The problem isn’t in what we own or how much of it we have but in how we view those possessions. . . .

To be able to say that we are content no matter the circumstance is definitely a treasure that has great worth.


Inspired You”


Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks.