Thankful Thursday! December 17, 2015

I give You thanks, Lord, for:

Babysitting this sweet little love!!   Made my day!!💜💜

Cold, clear, beautiful day!!

Texts from my kids

Sweet encouraging words from friends!

Windy days

Taking a fitness class!

Lunch with Nanny & David and Pres and Whitt


"What are some practical ways we can find contentment in our lives and in our homes?


• Be Thankful—Be thankful for everything in your life, even trials. We often grow the most in times of want and hardship. Turn complaints into gratitude—“I’m so thankful that pipe burst in my bathroom. It’s giving me a perfect opportunity to practice patience and self-control.” (Easier said than done, I know!)

• Serve—You can serve those less fortunate who are in your own backyard. Serving others brings joy that far outlasts any high attained from retail therapy.

• Give Generously—Someone, somewhere, always has less than you do. Sharing what you have with others is a great way to combat selfishness. Remember that giving isn’t always about writing a check. You can give your time, gifts, talents, and resources as well.


Inspired You”


Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks.