Thankful Thursday! July 9, 2015

I'm grateful the Lord my God, my Savior and my Friend!!

  • breeze during Aqua Zumba
  • A beautiful peaceful 4 th of July with my precious family and dear friends!!
  • Ren came over early and ate pancakes, visited and napped on our couch😊!
  • My dear friend, Fiona!  
  • Sweet Rilynn and the way all the boys love her and take care of her!
  • Watching the fireworks in the bed of Preston's truck with Whitty and Pres :)
  • Date night with Gil
  • All 4 of my sweet sons were home for lunch today💞

 “Is it raining, little flower?

Be glad of rain;

Too much sun would wither thee;

’Twill shine again.

The clouds are very black, ’tis true;

But just behind them shines the blue.

Art thou weary, tender heart?

Be glad of pain:

In sorrow sweetest virtues grow, 

As flowers in rain.

God watches, and thou wilt have sun, 

When clouds their perfect work have done.