Thankful Thursday! June 18, 2015


Psalms 84:10

"Better a day in Your courts than a thousand anywhere else.  I would rather be at the door of the house of my God than to live in the tents of wicked people."


I give praise to the Lord my God!  



Homemade yogurt!

Driving with Pres and Whitt to dinner. Whitty driving, Pres in shot gun, "running this show".    I love being with these two!

Pres came in last night and laid across my bed to give me a hug goodnight.  

Dinner with Gil

Walking the Paseos with Gil -- all the good memories of our old house and park and Paseos!   Sweet, blessed times. 

I'm hesitating to get in the pool, so Whitty comes over and "helps"/ shoves me in!!  Hahaha!! ;0)

Practicing Aqua Zumba in our pool while Whitty plays pool basketball!  

Sleeping with the windows open. 


Perspective!!   Who doesn't need a little perspective now and then!!   I was looking down at my dwarf lemon tree, looking for lemons and thinking that this little tree is worthless!  It's not producing anything!!  Then I squatted down and looked at it from a new perspective and, wouldn't ya know it!!  From that vantage point I could see 10-15 little lemons!  

The same is true in my life!  When I look at a situation from one vantage point it appears to be hopeless, worthless, damaging,...  But when I take another look, in a different light or from a new angle, I can SEE!!!   

There are, however, times when I cannot SEE, no matter how many angles I look from or how much light I shine on it, the answer is simply not to be SEEN!   BUT, praise the Lord, for faith!!   I know He is faithful and He is doing a good work whether I see it or not!   And so, I CHOOSE to believe!   And I have new perspective.   :)