Thankful Thursday! July 2, 2015


I am grateful to my Lord, Savior & Friend for:

Shopping with the boys for their snacks to take to UCSD

Rendon coaching his two youngest brothers :) 

Rendon coaching his two youngest brothers :) 

Gil finding me the camera on Craig's List and arranging for me to pick it up on the way to San Diego!

UCSD tournament -- and wining!!😄

Safe travels for all

The funny conversations the boys have in the car! 

Driving the boys to the tournament, to and from Islands,  getting them ice, taking photos,...and their gratitude

I drop them at the dorms late on Sat night, Whitty says, "text me when your in your room safe"😊💜 (not that he would have certainly remembered if I failed to text him, hahaha!!  But his sweetness to me warms my heart!)

Pres and Whitt playing together and Ren coaching

Shopping with Tamara


“There we saw the giants (Num. 13:33).

Yes, they saw the giants, but Caleb and Joshua saw God! Those who doubt say, “We be not able to go up.” Those who believe say, “Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able.”

Giants stand for great difficulties; and giants are stalking everywhere. They are in our families, in our churches, in our social life, in our own hearts; and we must overcome them or they will eat us up, as these men of old said of the giants of Canaan.

The men of faith said, “They are bread for us; we will eat them up.” In other words, “We will be stronger by overcoming them than if there had been no giants to overcome.”

Now the fact is, unless we have the overcoming faith we shall be eaten up, consumed by the giants in our path. Let us have the spirit of faith that these men of faith had, and see God, and He will take care of the difficulties. SELECTED

It is when we are in the way of duty that we find giants. It was when Israel was going forward that[…]”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks.