Thankful Thursday! August 6, 2015


 I give praise to the Lord for God for:

  • My dear Rendon!  He's 26 today!   What a blessings and a treasure he's been to me and my family!!
  • Text from my sweet niece, Vanessa!  She's doing well, working hard at getting better!
  • Fiona & Danique brought the little girls over to swim! And then lunch with them, LaMarr and the boys! Fun!!
  • Lunch with my sister, Pres, Whitt and Kota!
  • Seeing a dear friend and her, now grown up, daughters for the first time in 18 years!!😊💜
  • My sweet ladies bringing Popsicles for us all after class!😋
  • My sweet hubby making us dinner!


“Life is full of starting-over days, days that often feel like a fresh taste of freedom. The choices and changes that are right around the corner seem sweet and exciting because the direction you choose to go is now solely up to you—and God.

Being dependent on God doesn’t interfere with that newfound freedom. Relying on God for guidance, strength, comfort, wisdom, and countless other gifts allows you to risk throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the adventure of life. It’s like having a partner belay your rope while rock climbing. It gives you the freedom and courage to tackle higher and harder climbs. The closer the partnership you have with God, the freer you’ll find you are to reach your true potential.

Living God’s Way”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks.