Thankful Thursday! July 23, 2015


Matthew 4:4

But he answered, “It is written,

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,

but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”




I love the way Preston teases me😜😂

Listening to "Blessed Child" (audio book) while I make dinner

Watching Gil run down the street in the rain

Visiting with Park when he comes home for lunch!

Texting with Rendon about Pres and Whitt's game!

Sitting at my kitchen table (or the bar at gr Lupe's) working on Whitty's summer school together

Sweet text from my niece Raquel!   What a beautiful young lady she is!!💜

Monique and the little, adorable girls she babysits came by!  I love it!  What a treat!

Parker and Monique coming to church and lunch with us

Summer rain storms.   Pouring rain with all the windows open!!  Love it!! 


“God’s Love Letter

Over recent years I had turned from regarding the Bible as a boring history book, and started seeing it as an intimate love letter from God to me. The more I got into it, the more it got into me. I found that it was active and alive. It pierced me with its truths, and it had the power to actually change my life. . . .

When I just don’t want to read God’s Word, I pray for Him to give me that craving. I pray that He’ll make me want to seek Him, because when we seek God, we can be sure of finding Him. . . .

I’ve found that the more I dig into the Bible as His love letter to me, the more I develop a passion for it, and for Him. When my heart is cold and unwilling, I ask Him to change it, and incredibly, He does. As my days unfold, I make sure to schedule uninterrupted time to read God’s Word and pray. It’s a discipline to do so . . . but when I do it, it fulfills my deepest desires.


It’s All About Him”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks. 

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