Thankful Thursday! October 8, 2015

 "Praise the Lord, Oh my soul.  All my inmost being, praise his holy name"!!   Psalm 103:1

Thank you, Lord, for:

Running into Cheryl on my walk

Beautiful, crisp morning


My whole family in the kitchen! ;0)

Three of the brothers bear-hugging Rendon!  They're so funny!

Teaching Pilates 

Subbing at the Paseo club

Resolved conflict and better relationship because of it :)

My clean, organized gym (garage:))


“Occasional flickers of envy are human and inevitable, but a chronic sense of being cheated is a sign of spiritual disorder, a sign that there’s work to be done. Acceptance and gratitude are the antidotes to the misery machine of envy.

"Why not me?" in the face of another’s windfall may just as logically be asked in the face of another’s tragedy. Let us have the wisdom to accept our lives as they are and to be less blind to the advantages we already have.

Today, I am grateful for what I have and gracious about what other people have.”

Excerpt From: Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty. “Days of Healing Days of Joy.” Hazelden, 2010. iBooks.