Thankful Thursday! November 3, 2016

Hi there! 

How's your "daily list" of the things you're thankful for!!   Some days when I don't feel grateful and have trouble thinking of anything, I look back over my list from the previous month or year. It never fails to lift my spirits and remind me that God is faithful!  I have more to be thankful for than I could ever begin to list!

I pray that this weekly e-mail would inspire you to keep you're own daily list.   I post my list here so it would ignite a spark of gratitude in you! 

I'm thankful for:

You!!  :-) 

My son is home safely from Thailand!!!  Thank you, Lord, for Your protection! 

Walking with Gabe on her lunch break

Picking and eating Pomegranates!!! I love being outside, up on the hill..."way out in nature"😜. It's so peaceful...and the pomegranates are so yummy!!!

Lunch with my sweet son! 

Watching the World Series with the family

Dressing up for Halloween for my Zumba class - My kids helping me -- and mostly laughing AT me! ;0))


 “You don’t need a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving. All you need is a reason. And God has given you more reasons to be thankful than He’s created stars in the sky, so why wait?

Start with what you see—the clothes you’re wearing, the food in the fridge, the beauty of a summer day. Then think about the people you love and how they’ve touched your life. Next, consider what God has given you that can’t be held in your hands—things like hope, forgiveness, and your future home in heaven. Sit quietly as God brings to mind even more reasons to say thank you.

Stopping to say thanks will remind you of how big God is and how good your life is, no matter what kind of day you’re havin”


Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks.