Thankful Thursday! November 2, 2017

Thank you, Lord, for: 

Dear friends!  - seeing Michelle and Dustin again!🤗💜

Watching the World Series with Gil, Pres, Whitt and Tay...and laughing!!

I love it when Tay comes over!

Running into Karen and Byron in San Clemente! So sweet to run into old friends!😜  Truly!


 Hi y’all!   Sorry this excerpt is kinda long, but it’s such a great take on suffering!  It’s from one of my new favorite books, “66 Love Letters”    

I hope it encourages you, too! 😘


 “I was just watching a television report about a little girl in Jerusalem, maybe six or seven years old, who was severely hurt in a recent bombing. She’s going to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, unable to move anything below her neck and incapable of coherent speech. The family’s enormous medical expenses will be covered for a few months and then, as the announcer said, ‘Who knows what will happen to her after that, God?’  I wanted to scream; I think I wanted to scream at You. If I had the power to fix her life, to see her running around a schoolyard and laughing with her playmates, I’d use it. I’d give her back to her parents as a healthy, happy little girl. You have that power, and You do nothing. Would You really tell her brokenhearted parents to think more about worshiping You in the temple than doing all they can to make life better for their daughter? I know that part of worshiping You is taking the best possible care of family and friends, but why should they love You when You could cure their child but don’t?

“God, are You there?

“God, answer me, please. I know I’m out of line, but I don’t know how else to think.”

“My heart breaks as I watch that little girl. I created her to dance.”

“Then do something about it!”

“I have. I AM. I will.”

“God, I just don’t get it. Explain Yourself ! ”

“I owe you nothing. I give you everything. Your desire to fix things, to relieve suffering, to confront injustice, to heal wounds, to end poverty, and to generate joy is commendable. But your desire is too weak and misguided. If I were to fix all you see that is wrong and painful without first destroying evil, no one would dance at My party. No one would want to. In My plan, I must do whatever is necessary to destroy the evil within your depths, where you desire the good life more than you want Me; and I must replace that idolatrous desire with the holy yearning to know Me at any cost in the midst of your worst pain. Only then will eternal joy be possible for that little girl and for you.

“For reasons you have no capacity to understand, I must allow suffering that serves no visible purpose. What I can tell you is this. Listen well. There is an evil greater than bombs, tsunamis, and cancer. Those are natural evils. But when people live to get their own way, when they determine what is good for them and live to get it, all hell breaks loose within and between them. Greed, loveless sex, frenzied grabs for happiness with no concern for how others are impacted, more interest in making one’s point than listening to another’s, an inability to give or receive love, the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival, ugly parodies of community-like courtesy without connection, laughter without love, weeping without worship—these are moral evils, savage beasts that rise out of the evil sea of willfulness, the demand in everyone’s heart to make their lives work [Galatians 5:19–21 MSG; Daniel 7:3].

“Only when you see the moral evil in the human heart will you surrender to the mystery of My plan. In this world, I am destroying moral evil in My people. In the next, I will eliminate natural evil. You are struggling to reconcile the tragedy in that little girl’s life with My love. You must trust that I permit such terrible things, natural evil that grieves My heart far more than yours, as part of the process of destroying the moral evil that offends My heart. Do not assume I am punishing that child. In ways you cannot understand, I have the power and wisdom needed to move My plan forward through the evil of bombs and the injustice of suffering.”


Excerpt From

66 Love Letters

Larry Crabb