Thankful Thursday! January 25, 2018

 Thank you, Lord, for:

Chatting with sweet Jade!

Beautiful clear, perfect temp, SoCal winter day!!

Taking lunch to these dear boys on Fridays!❤️🏀

Praying with friends!

Ren and Whitt walking out of the locker room together

I hate loosing, but the sweet moments of conversation and growth that follow are, dare I say, worth it!


“But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she

returned unto him. . . . And the dove came in to him in the

evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf (Gen. 8:9–11).


God knows just when to withhold from us any visible sign of encouragement, and when to grant us such a sign. How good it is that we may trust Him anyway! When all visible evidences that He is remembering us are withheld, that is best; He wants us to realize that His Word, His promise of remembrance, is more substantial and dependable than any evidence of our senses. When He sends the visible evidence, that is well also; we appreciate it all the more after we have trusted Him without it. Those who are readiest to trust God without other evidence than His Word always receive the greatest number of visible evidences of His love. C. G. TRUMBULL


Believing Him; if storm-clouds gather darkly ’round,

And even if the heavens seem brass, without a sound?

He hears each prayer and even notes the sparrow’s fall.


And praising Him; when sorrow, grief, and pain are near,

And even when we lose the thing that seems most dear?

Our loss is gain. Praise Him; in Him we have our All.

“Our hand in His; e’en though the path seems long and drear

We scarcely see a step ahead, and almost fear?

He guides aright. He has it thus to keep us near.


And satisfied; when every path is blocked and bare,

And worldly things are gone and dead which were so fair?

Believe and rest and trust in Him, He comes to stay.


Delays are not refusals; many a prayer is registered, and underneath it the words: “My time is not yet come.” God has a set time as well as a set purpose, and He who orders the bounds of our habitation orders also the time of our deliverance. SELECTED”


Excerpt From

Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert

L. B. E. Cowman