Thankful Thursday! December 28, 2017

Thank you, Lord, for:

Sending Your beloved son for each one of us! 

My beloved son!  27 years old!   What a dear gift he is!! 

Cindy’s thoughtful gift of pears!🤗

Helping Lex make food for her soccer girls Christmas party.  So blessed to be a part of my kids’ lives!

Rubbing DeepBlue and arnica into Whitty’s calf

Gil rented “Father of the Bride 2” and made us popcorn!  SO funny!  I love to laugh!!

No wind.    Still and quiet outside.



 “I love those I’ve invited to My party by permitting suffering that draws them to concentrate on Me as their only source of life”

“Learn, too, what My Jewish servant Abraham Heschel discovered: ‘God is not nice. God is not an uncle. God is an earthquake.’ The world of Christendom, so far removed from Christianity, does not believe that. It does not want to believe that.”

“I don’t either. Why can’t You be nice? Isn’t it loving to be nice, to relieve suffering and restore pleasure?”

“Love seeks the deepest well-being of another. If that requires suffering, then love permits and, sometimes, brings about suffering. But love never allows more suffering than is necessary to achieve the well-being of the beloved.”

“God, is this what I’m to learn from Your eighteenth love letter?”

“I wrote Job to reveal who I AM, not who you imagine Me to be. I permit suffering but never more, always less, than I experience. Gaze on Calvary. Look at My Son. We are committed to your well-being, to your eternal joy, to getting you to the party. We suffered then in ways you will never experience, and We suffer with you now until the party begins, until the banquet is ready.

“Job’s friends reduced Me to a traffic cop. Obey the speed limit, and I let you drive on to the beach. Drive too fast, and I interfere with your plans. That false image of Me gives rise to the cry I hear from many: ‘I don’t deserve this. I lived well. You owe me a better life.’ That cry drowns out the music of heaven; it prevents the one who cries from learning to dance.

“Job knew his friends were wrong. He knew his suffering was not punishment for sin that he could end by living better. But he did not realize the opportunity that his suffering presented for him to see Me. Job was terrified that I might be powerful but not good. A universe in the hands of an almighty but unloving God is a terrible place to be. Job was compelled to ask deep, hard questions.

“I removed all sources of encouragement but one. I extinguished all the lights that had been guiding Job on a pleasant path through life, not to prove a point to Satan—I owe him nothing but hell—but to gain entrance into Job’s heart with the light of My Presence. It was in the darkness of unexplained suffering that Job learned he was not the prosecuting attorney nor I the defendant. My message to him is My message to you: I remain all-powerful and all-good in your darkest night. Trust Me. You don’t know enough not to.”


Excerpt From

66 Love Letters

Larry Crabb