Thankful Thursday! February 8, 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!

Taking a walk with Park!

Taking photos for Winter Formal

Spring weather in February 

New tires and an alignment

New tires on Quinny’s car as well...sets my mind at ease!

Fresh baked zucchini carrot bread! Mmmmm!

Hearing Quinny sing in the shower!🎶


“Emptiness is covered by distraction. Loneliness is numbed with sociability. Futility is denied in activity. Premature and superficial satisfaction with the good things of life prevents My people from grasping the incredible news that My reality of joy, community, and meaning has invaded theirs.”


“God, what are the questions Solomon asked but couldn’t answer?”

“Solomon had the courage to ask why there is something rather than nothing, what is life all about, where is it headed, what is the ultimate good that, when discovered, wholly heals and fully satisfies. Many churches declare the truth that living for My glory answers those questions, but they repeat it glibly with all the depth of a sales clerk wishing you a good day as you exit the store.”

“So what are You saying to me in Ecclesiastes? I know the right answer to Solomon’s questions—it’s what You just said: living for Your glory by depending entirely on You for my acceptance and satisfaction is the answer Jesus taught me to believe. And I do believe it. I believe Him. I believe You. But the truth of that answer hasn’t reached me as deeply as I wish it would....”

“It is the narrow road to life that most people avoid with distractions, sociability, and busyness. Hear what I am saying to all who have ears to hear. It is the message of My twenty-first love letter, a message that can only be heard in silence:

I lower you into the depths of despair to lift you into the heights of joy. The way up is the way down. There is no other way. You will not hear My song of love until you hear no other music.”


Excerpt From

66 Love Letters

Larry Crabb