Thankful Thursday!

Thank you, loving Father, for: 

 Chatting on the phone with my dear Pres🤗

Walking to coffee with my dad, then hanging out with him.

Training a new client;  looking forward to seeing her growth.

The beach with Gabe and Owen.    He’s such a doll!  I love him!   And my dear friend Gabrielle’s birthday! 




“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5: 8

Peter gives us a warning and wants us to open our eyes. This is a verse worth writing in gold letters. Here you see what life is really like. It’s almost enough to make us wish we were dead. We’re living here on the devil’s turf. Our situation is similar to travelers who stay at an inn where they find out that everyone in the place is a robber. If they had to stay there, they would arm themselves in the best possible way and probably wouldn’t get much sleep. In the same way, we now live on this earth, where the evil spirit is the prince. He controls the hearts of the people under his power, and he does whatever he wants through them. This is a horrible situation if viewed correctly.

So Peter warns us to be alert. He wants us to be like faithful servants who are aware of what is really happening. Therefore, he says, “Be self-controlled.” For those who eat and drink too much are like stuffed pigs that are good for nothing. Therefore, we must keep this treasure with us at all times. “Be alert,” he says, not only spiritually, but physically. For lazy people who like to sleep won’t be able to resist the devil after they have gorged themselves and drunk their fill. After all, it’s hard enough for those who have faith and the Spirit to resist the devil.”

Martin Luther