Thankful Thursday! April 5, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for so many small joys!

The top off of my Jeep

Making Pres’ favorite meals this week.

Popcorn and a movie at home with Gil on a Friday night

Sleeping in on Saturday!

All my precious kids here for dinner and the “shooting for dollars” game😜

 “So, man has value that is not added on in some way but is built in, so to speak, intrinsic to being human. And this is something we already know because the knowledge of our value is built in too. Here we come to the core question about our innate dignity.  Why are human beings, of all creatures, this way? Why is man so different from everything else? It’s all well and good to believe you are special, but if there is no good reason to think you are, you might be tempted to believe people are actually mere animals after all—and that leads to nothing but trouble.

This is where the Christian Story stands out dramatically from all the rest. 5 The Story answers the question “Why?” It tells us why man is different, why humans are special, why you and I are wonderful in a way that can never change. It tells us that in all the world, God created only one creature who was, in a unique and important and almost indescribable way, like himself, bearing his own likeness, having a soul imprinted with his very image.

If you have ever asked yourself the question “Who am I?” you now have your answer. The Story says you are a creature, but you are not just a creature. You are not a little god, but you are not nothing. You are made like God in a magnificent way that can never be taken from you. No matter how young or old or small or disfigured or destitute or dependent, you are still a beautiful creature. You bear the mark of God. He has made you like himself, and that changes everything.”

”The Story of Reality“ by Gregory Koukl