Thankful Thursday! July 23, 2018

 Thank you, Lord:

Preston surprised me with a visit home from NY!!  What a treat!

Lunch with Pres and Whitt

My sweet Lex and Tru coming to visit. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

The opportunity to get to know Tru a little more.

Lex is so patient and loving

So many bunnies in our yard

My Parker's beautiful smile!


โ€œthe sheer delight of knowing Me in a relationship of true love. Read about that in Hosea 9:15.

โ€œIn My terrible hurt and boiling anger, I wanted to abandon My people. I wanted to abandon you, to throw you away into hell and return to the pleasures of heaven. But a deeper, stronger, more compelling emotion arose within Me. I canโ€™t stop wanting you to be with Me, and I will have you at My party, at any cost that I must pay. I love you with a love stronger than My desire to quickly end My pain, a love more powerful than the hatred My holiness requires Me to feel. It was that kind of love I provided Hosea the opportunity to illustrate to My people. I want you to love like that, to feel the pain when someone hurts you, to embrace the anger that condemns their wickedness and is roused to curb their sin, and then to identify the most dangerous and divine emotion of all, a love that cannot give them up [Hosea 11:8โ€“9].


โ€œTo enjoy My love and to pour it into others, you must repent. Many will say that you must first be healed of the wounds suffered at the hands of others.  But requiring relief from your pain is wailing on your bed. I want you to repent, to cry from your heart, identifying how youโ€™ve hurt Me and incited My anger, and to give up all hope of finding satisfaction for your soul from anyone or anything but Me. Read again what I wrote in Hosea 7:13โ€“14. Then read the first three verses of chapter 6, where My people thought they were repenting but in fact were only wailing. Then turn to chapter 14. It is there, in verses 1 through 3, that I provide a model for true repentance, for crying from your heart as you lay in the ditch of your sin. True repentance of real sin lets you experience the real joy of true love. Whatever else you hear Me say or see Me do in the next eleven letters, remember this: in the exact center of My infinite being, beneath all the hurt you cause Me and all the anger I feel toward you lies an ocean of infinite love. I invite you to come for a swim. Every word I say is part of that invitation.โ€


โ€œGod, I want to accept Your invitation.  I long to swim in Your love. But Iโ€™m still not sure how to dive in.โ€

โ€œThose you call the minor prophets (Hosea is the first) will more clearly reveal the depths of the ditch into which you have fallen and the heights of love I want you to enjoy. Do not miss the message they bring. There are many in the church today who see the ditches as a shallow gulley from which, with a little effort, they can lift themselves to walk through life on solid ground. They are wrong. Only from the depths of the ditch can you see the power of My love.โ€


Excerpt From

66 Love Letters

Larry Crabb