Thankful Thursday! October 11, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for

Lunch with Pres

Hanging out with Lexi and Danique!   What a treat to spend time with long time friends!💗

The sweet Howell girls!

Exercising outside

Pomegranate jam from Cindy!  Mmmmmmm!😋

Pres and Whitty home for the weekend

 “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow The Lord will do amazing things among you” Joshua 3:5

“Fathers with rebellious children wonder how they failed. Widows worry that greater faith might have kept their husbands alive. Satan encourages an obsessive and superstitious look at your failure. I see all your failure, all your filth, and I bathe you until you become a sweet fragrance. Learn the lesson of Joshua. Live in hope!”

Excerpt From “66 Love Letters” by Larry Cabb