Thankful Thursday! July 19, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for:

Cool breeze at Aqua Zumba class!

Long lunch with my dear friend Tamara💜

Mutual love for books/reading

Watching Ren and Lex take care of Tru

Having the 3 of them here💜💜💜

FaceTime with my sweet Pres! 


....continued from July 12

And here, I hope, something important is beginning to come into focus. The idea that there can be only one way to rescue man from his terrible trouble is beginning to look more reasonable after all. This singular, unique, miraculous, historical event on Calvary explains what has understandably troubled many, causing them to think poorly of the message Christians have always called “good news.” The trade explains why Jesus is the only way of salvation.

Most ailments need particular antidotes. Increasing the air pressure in your tires will not fix a troubled carburetor. Aspirin will not dissolve a tumor. Cutting up credit cards will not wipe out debt that is already owed. If your water pipes are leaking, you call a plumber, not an oncologist, but a plumber will not cure a cancer. Any adequate solution must solve the problem that needs to be solved, and singular problems need singular solutions. Some antidotes are one-of-a-kind cures for one-of-a-kind ailments. Sometimes only one medicine will do the job, as much as we may like it to be otherwise.

Mankind faces a singular problem. People are broken and the world is broken because our friendship with God has been broken, ruined by human rebellion. Humans, you and I—are guilty, enslaved, lost, dead. All of us. Everyone. Everywhere. The guilt must be punished, the debt must be paid, the slave must be purchased. Promising better conduct in the future will not mend the crimes of the past. No, a rescuer must ransom the slaves, a kindred brother must pay the family debt, a substitute must shoulder the guilt. There is no other way of escape.

This is why Jesus of Nazareth is the only way to God, the only possible source of rescue. He is the only one who solved the problem. No other man did this. No other person could. ...Only Jesus of Nazareth could save the world. Without him, we are crushed under our overwhelming debt. Without him, every single one of us would have to pay for our own crimes, and that would take eternity. Jesus alone, the perfect Son of God, paid the debt for those who trust in him so they would not perish under God’s punishment, but have life with him fully and forever....

I want you to think for a moment about what that means. You can exchange your ponderous list of crimes, the heavy chains of guilt you forged in life, for the goodness of Christ. It is a gift, and the gift is free. It cannot be earned.  Jesus has already paid. It can only be received, humbly, on bended knee. You must simply trust him for it. And this is what the Story means by “faith.”

Excerpt from:

The Story of Reality , by Gregory Koukl