Thankful Thursday! September 20, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for: 

Sweet text from Whitty  

Time spent with my dear friend LaMarr!

Driving with the sunroof and windows open after class

Gil cut my hair!😳 

My green shake: frozen pineapple, spinach, celery, lemon & honey!  So refreshing and energizing. 

Hanging out with sweet Lexi.


 “We want every love story to have a happy ending. Too many don’t. God’s does. It just takes a long time to get there. And for good reason. Our understanding of love is so twisted that it takes a lot of work, centuries worth, to straighten it out.

Think about it. Somehow we’ve gotten the idea that if God loves us, He wouldn’t let hurricanes ravage New Orleans or tornadoes devastate Myanmar or earthquakes kill thousands in China, not if He could help it. Every time I hear about the latest natural disaster or yesterday’s terrorist bombing or someone’s parental heartbreak or a good friend’s diagnosis of level 4 leukemia, a voice inside me that I can’t quite muffle whispers, “God, I know You’re good, but tell me again: What are You good for?”

Maybe the demonic twist in our understanding of love boils down to this: because God is love, the abundant life that Jesus promised us means an abundance of blessings now, you know, all the good things of life that make us happy.

Where did we get that idea? Certainly not from the Old Testament. And (I peeked ahead) not from the New Testament either.

Jesus made it clear that life, real life—the life He died to give us— centers not on nice homes, happy families, and good health in a safe world with a booming economy but rather on knowing Jesus’ Father as our Father—in good times and bad—and relating to His Father and everyone else the way Jesus does—in good times and bad.


 if we miss the message of His first thirty-nine letters, we’ll miss the message of His last twenty-seven. Or worse, we’ll pervert it and think we’ve got it. We’ll make it fit into our hellishly twisted definition of love and never be captured by the real story of love that could take our breath away, that could humble us enough to change us from self-obsessed lovers of short term well-being to God-obsessed lovers of others at any temporary cost to ourselves.


 “What most needs changing is not your circumstances. Blessings in the short term are dangerous to your long-term joy. If I used My power to make your life work in ways that you found easily and quickly satisfying, you would become even less aware than you already are of what I designed you to enjoy and more stubborn in your pursuit of everything else.

You are on the road to eternal misery. I cannot sit back and do nothing. I love you too much. The only cure that works will at times seem worse than the disease. Your naïve self-centeredness can only be transformed in suffering, yours in measure and Mine without measure.

But know this: no suffering that you will endure in this life is worthy to be compared with the joy that awaits you in the next. Live in hope ! True hope breeds joy and empowers love. My love story has a terrific ending that never ends.”

...hear Him tell the rest of the story. It gets good. Be patient.

In Genesis, I hear God pouring out His love to all of us as He sings the opening line of His love song: “I have a terrific plan. It’s why I made you. You’re invited to My party of perfect relationship in a perfect world. And I mean to get you there.”

Excerpt From

66 Love Letters

Larry Crabb