Thankful Thursday! Aug 2, 2018

Thank you, Lord, for:

My dearest Whitt...19 years old tomorrow!   What a treasure he’s been to my life!  One of my greatest joys💞

Spending time with sweet Sienna and Owen

Sweet voice mail from my dear son!

Uplifting conversations with my dear friend Kerri💜

Walking with Shannon

Lunch with Whitty and Sienna

Texts from Preston


 “We have been told that the things our hearts long for can be found on this earth, in this lifetime. But we have been misled.

We soon discover that those things will never give us what we really want because we have been made for another world, and the thing we long for, even ache for—the Story calls it a kind of groaning—is not to be found in this world or in this lifetime. We have been longing for home, and for a Father who waits for us there, and we are lonely here in exile until we are finally together with him.

God’s perfect mercy—forgiveness for everything we have ever done wrong—means we will finally, one day, be going home, and finally, one day, our hunger will be satisfied”


excerpt from: The Story of Reality , by Gregory Koukl