Thankful Thursday! June 13, 2019

Thank you, Lord, for: 

Incredible pink sunrise!

New Pilates machine!

Practicing new Zumba songs💃🏻

Ripening apricots on my tree

Sitting outside in the mornings!☀️

31 years of marriage!💖💖💖


 “The chief end not only of man, but of everything—waterfalls, education, subatomic particles, romance, art, science, food, sleep, golfing, mountains, humor, and tears—is to glorify God. Driven by the conviction that “the aim and final end of all music is none other than the glory of God,” Johann Sebastian Bach created some of the most original, powerful, and beautiful music ever composed. Imagine, however, if he saw the “aim and final end of all music” as being relevant to a culture that likes music. What if the primary factor determining where Bach’s dots fell on the score sheet was not glorifying an infinite God, but merely making something that people would like? Do you think that his music would have been as powerful? Me neither. There is a profound difference between the art motivated by adoration for God and that motivated by the approval of people. Shouldn’t worship be the deepest motive behind every thought we think, word we speak, and sound we make?”


Excerpt from: Reflect, by Thaddeus Williams