Thankful Thursday! April 11, 2019

Thank you, Lord for: 

Steam cleaning my floors!

This perfect little orange chair from Mary!

Watching college basketball with Gil.

Playing with Tru

 Hanging out with Lex


 “As Corrie Ten Boom observed, “If you look within, you’ll be depressed. If you look at God you’ll be at rest.” How can you keep focused on God instead of yourself? I encourage you to make a habit of preaching grace to yourself every day. Remind yourself often of all the ways that you are elevated in Christ. Thank Jesus that through the cross he is the …

… At-one-er. I was hostile to God, but Jesus has made me “at-one” with him, breaking down the wall of division and welcoming me into friendship.

… Battlefield Hero. The forces of fear and evil held me in their oppressive grip, but Jesus, the Warrior-King, has crushed the enemy’s head and claimed victory.

… Chain-Breaker. I was a slave to darkness, selfishness, and anxiety, but Jesus is my great Liberator who purchased my freedom and cut my chains.

… Defense Attorney. I broke the laws of an infinitely just Being, but Jesus took my death sentence and now pleads the winning case for my innocence.

… Eternal Priest. I was unclean, but Jesus became my spotless Lamb and serves as my Priest so I can stand confidently in the presence of divine Perfection.

… Forsaken Son. I was left to die at the human dump, but Jesus became Forsaken in my place so that I can enjoy adoption as a cherished son/ daughter of God.

Praying through these six biblical images may take six minutes, or it may take sixty seconds. That brief time of preaching the good news to yourself can turn an otherwise anxious day into something worshipful and grace-filled.


Excerpt from

Reflect by Thaddeus Williams