Thankful Thursday! June 27, 2019

Thank you, Lord, for: 

Baking zucchini bread.

Pedicure with Sienna

June gloom...feels so beachy. 


Rebounding for Whitty


 “Stars are made from explosions and collisions of elements. Stars are made from a breaking at their center. Which allows for a process called nuclear fusion, a process that releases an enormous amount of energy, of light.”

I murmur it again, because how have I never seen the stars quite like that? Stars are made from a continuous breaking. And it’s the gravitational friction of this breaking that makes them bright.

Breaking—then blazing.

This is always the abundant way of the universe.

Brokenness multiplies into abundance. This seems impossible—unlikely. And this is the unfailing way of God. Multiplication happens out of brokenness. And the sum is abundant life.

Stars are the scars of the sky—made into the light of the world.

What would happen if the scars you carry are what God uses to carry Christ to a scarred and broken world?

Weak is the real strong. Brokenness is the real abundance.

Breaking—then blazing.

Dying—then rising.

Trust the abundant...ways of Almighty God.”

 The Way of Abundance

by Ann Voskamp