Thankful Thursday! July 11, 2019

Thank you, Lord, for:

4th of July with dear friends and family!

Picking up Lex and Tru. Such a treat to spend time with them.  πŸ’—πŸ’—

Cool nights!

Carrots and hummus

Long talk with my sweet sonπŸ’œ

Ride Out Your Storm

There are many people who have not realized their potential because they are so beaten down by the storms of life. A friend once asked Stradivarius, who perfected the violin, how long it took to make a violin. Stradivarius said, β€œA thousand years.” He went on to say that a violin can be made only from a tree that is tempered by the wind, beaten by sleet, scorched by summer, and blasted by the ice of winterβ€”a thousand years. In other words, it takes a very strong, weather-worn tree to make a violin. A protected tree would never do.

Likewise, it’s often the people who have experienced failure who can realize the gold in their life. Failure may seem like an enemy, but if we respond to it with renewed determination to persevere, it can be beneficial. Handel said, β€œOur antagonist is our greatest helper.” Only those who have learned how to bear their burdens and keep going can help lift the burdens of others.β€œ

Choosing Happiness Even When Life is Hard

by Frank Minirth