Thankful Thursday!! October 22, 2015

I give thanks to my faithful Lord and friend for:

Shopping with Whitty after the Hart basketball dinner

Preston "bench pressing" the stool, pretending it's getting heavier and heavier til he can't press another rep!!!  Hahaha!!😜.  He's so funny!

My awesome Thursday morning walking/strength group!!!!  :-)

Gil texting, "want me to make chickens tonight".  Woo woo!  Yes!!!

I love the way it smells today!! -- "wet-desert" smell😜. Reminds me of the desert storms we've had at Lake Havasu. 

Coffee with Gabrielle:)

Cleaning out boxes from the attic - purging!!  Checking out old pictures and letters; sweet memories!

A breeze! -- especially a cross-breeze


“Therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you (Isa. 30:18).

Where showers fall most, there the grass is greenest. I suppose the fogs and mists of Ireland make it “the Emerald Isle”; and whenever you find great fogs of trouble, and mists of sorrow, you always find emerald green hearts; full of the beautiful verdure of the comfort and love of God. O Christian, do not thou be saying, “Where are the swallows gone? They are gone; they are dead.” They are not dead; they have skimmed the purple sea, and gone to a far-off land; but they will be back again by and by. Child of God, say not the flowers are dead; say not the winter has killed them, and they are gone. Ah, no! though winter hath coated them with the ermine of its snow; they will put up their heads again, and will be alive very soon. Say not, child of God, that the sun is quenched, because the cloud hath hidden it. Ah, no; he is behind there, brewing summer for thee; for when he cometh out again, he will have made the clouds fit to drop in April showers, all of them mothers of the sweet May flowers. And oh! above all, when thy God hides His face, say not that He hath forgotten thee. He is but tarrying a little while to make thee love Him better; and when He cometh, thou shalt have joy in the Lord, and shalt rejoice with joy unspeakable. Waiting exercises our grace; waiting tries our faith; therefore, wait on in hope; for though the promise tarry, it can never come too late. C. H. SPURGEON 

Oh, every year hath its winter, 

And every year hath its rain—

But a day is always coming 

When the birds go north again.

When new leaves swell in the forest, 

And grass springs green on the plain, 

And alders’ veins turn crimson—

And the birds go north again.

Oh, every heart hath its sorrow, 

And every heart hath its pain—

But a day is always coming 

When the birds go north again.

’Tis the sweetest thing to remember, 

If courage be on the wane, 

When the cold, dark days are over—

Why, the birds go north again.”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks. 


They make my day!!! :-) 

Thankful Thursday! October 15, 2015


"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.        

Because He lives, All fear is gone.

Because I know He holds the future,

And life is worth the living just because He lives."      



I thank You, my precious Lord for:


The comfort and assurance you get from visiting with girlfriends!!

Lunch with an old friend

Date night and then picking up the boys and their friends and dropping them all off at their homes!! -- it's a journey;)

Morning walk, watching the sunrise!

The whole world still in shade and sunshine just on the tree tops!!  Beautiful!

Sleeping til 7:30 on Sat!!

Dinner with Gr Gil and Pamela, Devon, Park, Monique, Pres and Whitt!!   It was such a fun time!!

Picking up Rendon from the airport



“Do you think anything concerning you right now is too small?

Your house or apartment? Your personal reputation? Your influence? Your job?

Your family (you want to add a spouse or children)? Your circle of friends? Your salary? Your life?

Until I paid attention to Psalm 131, I chafed. Then I discovered that God’s leash wasn’t too tight—my heart was too proud! I thought I “deserved” more; my self-image had greater expectations, and that attitude was the very grease on which I slid into self-pity, discontent, ungratefulness, misery.

Then I fixed my eyes on Jesus—and in my own eyes I became smaller and smaller. What was my stature, my purity, my power, my excellence compared with His?


Fix Your Eyes on Jesus”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks. 


Thankful Thursday! September 10, 2015

Psalms 92:8.  "but you, O LORD, are on high forever."

To the One who knows me better than all and still loves me, I give thanks for:


My beautiful Preston!  18 fantastic years with him as our precious son!  Always such a pleasure, He is one of my greatest treasures!!

Pres makes me laugh!! 😂

Whitty staying in the car with me and chatting

First Park comes home for lunch, then Ren, then Chad, then Pres!  What a joy! :)

Lunch with LaMarr, Leah, Abe and Meadow -- can't wait til I have my own grandkids!  ;0)

My alarm had been going off for 3 minutes! Whitty comes over, turns it off, sits beside me and contemplates if he should wake me.  He said I was so warm and so sound asleep, he didn't want to disturb me😊, but he needed a ride to school (stinky 7:00 am classes!)!  hahaha!   He's so sweet!

Whenever I go into Gil's office, he always has time for me.  He stops whatever he's doing and gives me his attention.

Watching college football

The boys napping on the couches while I'm making dinner


“Sometimes I wonder if I’ve become so busy scheduling every moment of my life for success that I miss the one thing I long for most: time to live.

Time to walk hand in hand with my wife . . .

Time to lie on my back and watch the clouds . . .

Time to write about the stirrings of my heart.

Time to visit with those people across the street I’ve never met.

Time to pray—not during scheduled prayer time, but simply because I’m overcome with gratitude, weariness or joy.

Time to simply talk to God.

God had a plan, but His plan was about relationships, not achievements. He designed time for being more than for doing. My job requires a hunk of my time for doing. My calling is to find time in the midst of it all—just for being.

The stuff of real life is not on your “To Do” list.


Lighten Up!”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks. 

Thankful Thursday! Sept. 3, 2015

Psalm 27:1. "the Lord is the stronghold of my life"!!!!! 

I thank the Lord my God for: 

Brothers :)

Brothers :)

  • Watching "So You Think You Can Dance" with Pres and Whitt 
  • The beautiful ladies in my garage gym last night!
  • Your faithfulness!!   I trust in You!!!
  • My sweet boys doing homework together😊
  • My wonderful girlfriends!!!😄💗
  • An injury -- reminds me how dependent I am on Him!!  Sets me free from the responsibility to have to do it all!  I must trust Him!  It's actually quite a relief!
  • Whitty giving me a piggy back ride to and from the car & church 💪🏼


“If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth (Eccles. 11:3).

Why, then, do we dread the clouds which now darken our sky? True, for a while they hide the sun, but the sun is not quenched; he will be out again before long. Meanwhile those black clouds are filled with rain; and the blacker they are, the more likely they will yield plentiful showers.

How can we have rain without clouds? Our troubles have always brought us blessings, and they always will. They are the dark chariots of bright grace. These clouds will empty themselves before long, and every tender herb will be gladder for the shower. Our God may drench us with grief, but He will refresh us with mercy. Our Lord’s love letters often come to us in black-edged envelopes. His wagons rumble, but they are loaded with benefits. His rod blossoms with sweet flowers and nourishing fruits. Let us not worry about the clouds, but sing because May flowers are brought to us through the April clouds and showers.

O Lord, the clouds are the dust of Thy feet! How near Thou art in the cloudy and dark day[…]”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks. 

Thankful Thursday! August 27, 2015


Psalms 18:1-2

 "I love you, O LORD, my strength.  The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,

my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.  


I thank You, my Lord, my Rock for:

Fun Sunday family lunch!  Lots of laughter!


Playing Taboo with Pres, Whitt, Park and Monique!   Gil and I won, of course!!😜

Cloud cover today!  It is humid, but at least it's shady!

Met Parker for lunch today!:)

Met some nice people today while I did fliers!

Ran into an old friend while doing fliers today!  What a treat!

Rendon and Lexi came over for breakfast! :)

Your love, O Lord, surrounds me!!

You walk by my side wherever I go!


“Think of it this way. Your car breaks down a hundred miles from home on a back road, and you’re no mechanic. The kids are whining and hungry in the backseat. You have misplaced your wallet. You walk half a mile to the nearest town. As you walk, you feel a flu coming. From a phone booth you dial friends, collect—no answer. The auto shops are closed. You scan Main Street for someone to drive you to your car, possibly to peek under the hood, but definitely to find your family a place indoors to wait until someone can wire money.

Whom will you approach? That elderly gentleman stepping from the funeral home, wiping his eyes? Those teenagers shouting put-downs at each other across the street? The middle-aged man storming from that row house, cursing as the door slams? The woman in the tattered coat shuffling down the sidewalk with a dirty-faced kid in tow? Or those two neighbors on adjoining front porches, gossiping and chuckling?

You’ll pick the neighbors. Why? Because the others have worries of their own—some of them might even snap your head off. But the neighbors seem in a good mood.  

“People in a good mood are most likely to help others.

God, we might say, is in a good mood. He’s not depressed. He’s not misery seeking company. He’s not some bitter, cosmic Neanderthal with his finger on a nuclear weapon. God is joy spilling over. This is where his mercy comes from. The full tank of love he enjoys is splashing out over heaven’s walls. He swims in elation and is driven to share it with us. Why? Simply, as he put it, “so that my joy may be in you” (John 15:11).

But God is nobody’s water boy. As the solemn Monarch of all, he shares his gladness on his own terms. And those terms call for us to suffer—to suffer, in some measure, as his beloved Son did while on earth. We may not understand his reasons, but we are insane to fight him on this.

He is in ecstasy beyond words.

It is worth anything to be his friend.”

Excerpt From: Joni Eareckson Tada. “When God Weeps.” Zondervan. iBooks. 


Thankful Thursday! August 6, 2015


 I give praise to the Lord for God for:

  • My dear Rendon!  He's 26 today!   What a blessings and a treasure he's been to me and my family!!
  • Text from my sweet niece, Vanessa!  She's doing well, working hard at getting better!
  • Fiona & Danique brought the little girls over to swim! And then lunch with them, LaMarr and the boys! Fun!!
  • Lunch with my sister, Pres, Whitt and Kota!
  • Seeing a dear friend and her, now grown up, daughters for the first time in 18 years!!😊💜
  • My sweet ladies bringing Popsicles for us all after class!😋
  • My sweet hubby making us dinner!


“Life is full of starting-over days, days that often feel like a fresh taste of freedom. The choices and changes that are right around the corner seem sweet and exciting because the direction you choose to go is now solely up to you—and God.

Being dependent on God doesn’t interfere with that newfound freedom. Relying on God for guidance, strength, comfort, wisdom, and countless other gifts allows you to risk throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the adventure of life. It’s like having a partner belay your rope while rock climbing. It gives you the freedom and courage to tackle higher and harder climbs. The closer the partnership you have with God, the freer you’ll find you are to reach your true potential.

Living God’s Way”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks. 


Thankful Thursday! July 30, 2015

 "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love. "

1Corinthians 16:13



I will give thanks for the great and the small!    

I am thankful for: 

  • God's Word to read and find life and truth!!  
  • Ren coming over to watch the Dodger game. 
  • Long drive with Whitty -- talking and laughing
  • Photo opp at Target!😜
  • The boys sleeping in my hotel room -- listening to them breath, watching them sleep!
  • Seeing my Gil after being away from each other for a few days!
  • Recording Zumba with my ladies!


“He hath . . . made me a polished shaft (Isa. 49:2).

There is a very famous “Pebble Beach” at Pescadero, on the California coast. The lone line of white surf comes up with its everlasting roar, and rattles and thunders among the stones on the shore. They are caught in the arms of the pitiless waves, and tossed and rolled, and rubbed together, and ground against the sharp-grained cliffs. Day and night forever the ceaseless attrition goes on—never any rest. And the result?

Tourists from all the world flock thither to gather the round and beautiful stones. They are laid up in cabinets; they ornament the parlor mantels. But go yonder, around the point of the cliff that breaks off the face of the sea; and up in that quiet cove, sheltered from the storms, and lying ever in the sun, you shall find abundance of pebbles that have never been chosen by the traveler.

Why are these left all the years through unsought? For the simple reason that they have escaped all the turmoil and attrition of the waves, and the quiet and peace have left them as they found them, rough and angular and devoid of beauty. Polish comes through trouble.

Since God knows what niche we are to fill, let us trust Him to shape us to it. Since He knows what work we are to do, let us trust Him to drill us to the proper preparation.

O blows that smite! O hurts that pierce 

This shrinking heart of mine!

What are ye but the Master’s tools 

Forming a work Divine?

Nearly all God’s jewels are crystallized tears.”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks. 

Thankful Thursday! July 23, 2015


Matthew 4:4

But he answered, “It is written,

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone,

but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”




I love the way Preston teases me😜😂

Listening to "Blessed Child" (audio book) while I make dinner

Watching Gil run down the street in the rain

Visiting with Park when he comes home for lunch!

Texting with Rendon about Pres and Whitt's game!

Sitting at my kitchen table (or the bar at gr Lupe's) working on Whitty's summer school together

Sweet text from my niece Raquel!   What a beautiful young lady she is!!💜

Monique and the little, adorable girls she babysits came by!  I love it!  What a treat!

Parker and Monique coming to church and lunch with us

Summer rain storms.   Pouring rain with all the windows open!!  Love it!! 


“God’s Love Letter

Over recent years I had turned from regarding the Bible as a boring history book, and started seeing it as an intimate love letter from God to me. The more I got into it, the more it got into me. I found that it was active and alive. It pierced me with its truths, and it had the power to actually change my life. . . .

When I just don’t want to read God’s Word, I pray for Him to give me that craving. I pray that He’ll make me want to seek Him, because when we seek God, we can be sure of finding Him. . . .

I’ve found that the more I dig into the Bible as His love letter to me, the more I develop a passion for it, and for Him. When my heart is cold and unwilling, I ask Him to change it, and incredibly, He does. As my days unfold, I make sure to schedule uninterrupted time to read God’s Word and pray. It’s a discipline to do so . . . but when I do it, it fulfills my deepest desires.


It’s All About Him”

Excerpt From: Nelson, Thomas. “Joy for the Journey: Morning and Evening.” Thomas Nelson, 2014-02-01. iBooks. 

This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBooks Store:


Thankful Thursday! July 9, 2015

I'm grateful the Lord my God, my Savior and my Friend!!

  • breeze during Aqua Zumba
  • A beautiful peaceful 4 th of July with my precious family and dear friends!!
  • Ren came over early and ate pancakes, visited and napped on our couch😊!
  • My dear friend, Fiona!  
  • Sweet Rilynn and the way all the boys love her and take care of her!
  • Watching the fireworks in the bed of Preston's truck with Whitty and Pres :)
  • Date night with Gil
  • All 4 of my sweet sons were home for lunch today💞

 “Is it raining, little flower?

Be glad of rain;

Too much sun would wither thee;

’Twill shine again.

The clouds are very black, ’tis true;

But just behind them shines the blue.

Art thou weary, tender heart?

Be glad of pain:

In sorrow sweetest virtues grow, 

As flowers in rain.

God watches, and thou wilt have sun, 

When clouds their perfect work have done.



Thankful Thursday! July 2, 2015


I am grateful to my Lord, Savior & Friend for:

Shopping with the boys for their snacks to take to UCSD

Rendon coaching his two youngest brothers :) 

Rendon coaching his two youngest brothers :) 

Gil finding me the camera on Craig's List and arranging for me to pick it up on the way to San Diego!

UCSD tournament -- and wining!!😄

Safe travels for all

The funny conversations the boys have in the car! 

Driving the boys to the tournament, to and from Islands,  getting them ice, taking photos,...and their gratitude

I drop them at the dorms late on Sat night, Whitty says, "text me when your in your room safe"😊💜 (not that he would have certainly remembered if I failed to text him, hahaha!!  But his sweetness to me warms my heart!)

Pres and Whitt playing together and Ren coaching

Shopping with Tamara


“There we saw the giants (Num. 13:33).

Yes, they saw the giants, but Caleb and Joshua saw God! Those who doubt say, “We be not able to go up.” Those who believe say, “Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able.”

Giants stand for great difficulties; and giants are stalking everywhere. They are in our families, in our churches, in our social life, in our own hearts; and we must overcome them or they will eat us up, as these men of old said of the giants of Canaan.

The men of faith said, “They are bread for us; we will eat them up.” In other words, “We will be stronger by overcoming them than if there had been no giants to overcome.”

Now the fact is, unless we have the overcoming faith we shall be eaten up, consumed by the giants in our path. Let us have the spirit of faith that these men of faith had, and see God, and He will take care of the difficulties. SELECTED

It is when we are in the way of duty that we find giants. It was when Israel was going forward that[…]”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks. 


Thankful Thursday! June 18, 2015


Psalms 84:10

"Better a day in Your courts than a thousand anywhere else.  I would rather be at the door of the house of my God than to live in the tents of wicked people."


I give praise to the Lord my God!  



Homemade yogurt!

Driving with Pres and Whitt to dinner. Whitty driving, Pres in shot gun, "running this show".    I love being with these two!

Pres came in last night and laid across my bed to give me a hug goodnight.  

Dinner with Gil

Walking the Paseos with Gil -- all the good memories of our old house and park and Paseos!   Sweet, blessed times. 

I'm hesitating to get in the pool, so Whitty comes over and "helps"/ shoves me in!!  Hahaha!! ;0)

Practicing Aqua Zumba in our pool while Whitty plays pool basketball!  

Sleeping with the windows open. 


Perspective!!   Who doesn't need a little perspective now and then!!   I was looking down at my dwarf lemon tree, looking for lemons and thinking that this little tree is worthless!  It's not producing anything!!  Then I squatted down and looked at it from a new perspective and, wouldn't ya know it!!  From that vantage point I could see 10-15 little lemons!  

The same is true in my life!  When I look at a situation from one vantage point it appears to be hopeless, worthless, damaging,...  But when I take another look, in a different light or from a new angle, I can SEE!!!   

There are, however, times when I cannot SEE, no matter how many angles I look from or how much light I shine on it, the answer is simply not to be SEEN!   BUT, praise the Lord, for faith!!   I know He is faithful and He is doing a good work whether I see it or not!   And so, I CHOOSE to believe!   And I have new perspective.   :)



May 7, 2015


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Starting my garden


My wonderful Bible study!

Getting to go to Pres' game!

Walking on the beach in Playa del Rey, waiting for Pres' game to start.  

Taking photos for my website

Dinner with Gil, Pres & Chad

Beach day with my sweet friend, Gabrielle, for her birthday!🎉🎈 


 “My case is urgent, and I do not see how I am to be delivered; but this is no business of mine. He who makes the promise will find ways and means of keeping it. It is mine to obey His commands; it is not mine to direct His counsels. I am His servant, not His solicitor. I call upon Him, and He will deliver." C. H. SPURGEON







April 30, 2015

I give thanks to The Lord my God for:

Whitty and Park carrying my big bags of mulch to the backyard

Visiting with my sweet niece!

Gil made chickens last night and bought us ice cream!

Taking a bath 

Reading missionary biographies

The beautiful men in my life!


"He knows the way that I take" Job 23:10



April 23, 2015



Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His Name.   Psalm 100:4 NIV

 I am thankful to The Lord my God for:

- Hugs from sweet Ren. 

- Laughing and talking at dinner.  A peaceful time

- Making breakfast with Ren -- he makes the eggs for everyone, I make the pancakes and potatoes

- Parker told me thank you after breakfast!!

- Teaching Whitty to drive🚙😊💜

- walking at the beach with Gil while we wait for the basketball game


 “Are you able to say, from the acquaintance you have made with God, that He is a lovely Being? If not, let me affectionately entreat you to ask God to bring you to this, that you may admire His gentleness and kindness, that you may be able to say how good He is, and what a delight it is to the heart of God to do good to His children.”

Excerpt From: L. B. E. Cowman. “Contemporary Classic/Streams in the Desert.” ZONDERVAN. iBooks. 


April 9, 2015


Psalms 43:3

"Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell."


 - Whitty and Pres coming home and up into my room to tell me they're here!  Their sweet soft hands and hugs.  😊💜

 - Hearing Pres and Whitt talk and laugh upstairs! ☺️

 - A long heart to heart lunch with my dear sister!

 - Watching "Blue Bloods" and snacking with Gil

 - Pres meeting me at the Habit for lunch 

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings and the trials!  Thank you for your faithfulness in them both! 




March 28, 2015

Thank you, Lord, for:

- Watching huge trees sway in the wind

- Text from Pres, "I love you, Mama", warms my heart,💜

- Gil's wisdom and even temper

- My dear friends studying the Bible together

- Love and support of friends during trying times!

- Liz told me that when she was watching (I'm mean working out😜) to my video, little Emily recognized my voice! "Nay?!"  Oh!  She's such a doll!!!

- All my classes started up again this week!!  I love these ladies!!❤️


"The Lord is my light and my salvation —

whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life—

of whom shall I be afraid?" 

Psalm 27:1