Eating Real Whole Foods

Optimal health is possible!!   Hooray!!    

The key??  

Carrots & celery with homemade yogurt, :) 

Carrots & celery with homemade yogurt, :) 


You cannot get the health that you need by taking supplements or eating partial or dead foods.  

It is my goal to get all the nutrients I need from eating real whole foods! 

Heres why:  

  • God created me and knows what I need
  • God created my food supply and loaded it with all the nutrients I need in just the right proportions! 
  • If I take a supplement of one specific nutrient, how do I know that there aren't 15 other nutrients that my body needs in order to assimilate and use that one?!  You canNOT get health from a pill!!!
  • When I eat a whole apple, a whole carrot, a whole egg or whole milk, I am getting all the nutrients working together for complete and effective assimilation!
  • When I eat just the egg white, remove the peel from my apple, carrot or potato, or eat low fat dairy, I am removing some of the necessary elements that allow my body to properly use and assimilate the nutrients I need!


  • Vegetables -- whole, not peeled, minimally cooked, lots of raw veggies; more veggies than fruit
  • Fruit -- whole, not peeled, fresh and uncooked; vibrant and colorful, 
  • Whole dairy products -- organic, grass-fed, whole (not skim or low fat)
  • Whole grains -- brown rice, quinoa, corn, rolled and steel cut oats
  • Legumes -- beans, peas, lentils; soaked before cooking!
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Meat -- as a "condiment,"  far less than you think you need!!!    
    • grass fed beef
    • organic, free-range poultry and eggs
    • wild caught fish

I try to avoid packaged foods, but not all.  When I do buy packaged foods, I make sure I know what all of the ingredients are and that there are only a few ingredientss; no long list!  I avoid "mystery ingredients" and preservatives.   Good, real, whole food SHOULD decompose quickly!!    

I like to think of eating as FUELING my body!  Oh my, don't get me wrong, I DO eat for enjoyment! ;0).  But NOT all the time!  I have my treats, but I've learned enough about what happens with the food inside my body, that I've TRAINED myself to enjoy what's good for me!   Have you ever heard the term "acquired taste"?  Well, that's what needs to take place!!  I enjoy all of the nutritious foods that I eat!! :)

LEARN all you can about nutrition and then BELIEVE the truth about diet and you will be able to acquire the taste for what's good for you! 

eating isn’t all about how it feels or tastes in your mouth, it’s about what it’s doing inside your body!!
— ME :)

Though many claim that our food supply is deplete of many of its nutrients, there are organic farmers who care for and replenish the soil.    Avoid poison (pesticides and herbicides) on your food and eat organic whenever possible!!

Here are some of my favorite books: