Calendula Flowers


Calendula flowers are amazing for the skin!

  • soothes and heals.  
  • kills parasites, both internal and external,
  • kills bacterial infections and even cases of sepsis.  
  • powerful germ-fighter,
  • antiviral and antimicrobial 
  • great for cleansing the lymphatic system
  • treats swollen glands
  • detoxifies the body
  • has estrogenic properties, so it's beneficial for menopause as well as menstruation.
  • soothes digestive distress and inflammation in the bowels
  • treats canker sores

Calendula Tea:

  • Calendula flowers and hot water
  • Pour hot water over flowers, cover and steep for 10-5 minutes
  • Strain flowers and enjoy! :)  -- I like mine sweetened with a little stevia or honey ;)

     Use To:

  • soothe digestive distress and inflammation in the bowels 
  • treat canker sores
  • use the tea directly on the skin as a a face wash, directly on the spots for skin eruptions, infections, cuts and sores

Calendula Tincture:

  • calendula flowers and alcohol
  • soak flowers in alcohol for for 2-6 weeks
  • strain and use on canker sores and cold sores

Calendula Oil:

  • Fill a glass jar 3/4 full with calendula buds
  • Fill the jar almost to the top with almond or olive oil
  • Seal and label the jar and set in a warm sunny place, shaking gently every day for 3-6 weeks.
  • For extra strength, strain and add a fresh batch of calendula flowers.  Let this infuse for another 3-6 weeks
  • Strain and bottle
  • store in a cool dark place

     To Use:

  • apply topically to swollen glands, rashes, eczema, etc.
  • or make into a salve

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Calendula Salve:

  • 1/2 cup Calendula Oil (above)
  • 1/8 cup beeswax pastilles
  • 3-4 drops lavender essential oil


  • Place the oil and beeswax in a glass jar
  • Place the glass jar in a pot of water
  • Gently heat, melting the beeswax
  • Let cool slightly and add the lavender essential oil
  • Pour into small jars
  • LABEL and store in cool dark place

I also use Calendula flowers in my Elderberry Syrup and Immune Boosting Tincture