Back-to-School Special

Hi y'all!

My Whitty is heading off to college in 2 weeks!😱.

That means,...I need to keep busy!😜

So,...I'm offering a special for 1st-timers. (All who are new to privates or semi-privates or who haven’t done privates with me in the last 6 months)

We will tailor the sessions to your personal needs/wants😉:

  • Pilates
  • Strength/weights
  • Weight loss
  • Pain Relief/Corrective Exercise/Stretching
  • Nutrition/Diet consulting/coaching
  • Cardio-intervals
  • Dance/Zumba
  • Walking, stairs, hiking,...

For those of you who have never been to my home gym, I've got weights, stationary bike, Pilates Reformer with tower,  Wunda Chair, balls, bosu, foam roller, bands, balance board, therapy balls for pain relief,...wood floor and air conditioning! ;0)


  • Private training (individual) - 3 sessions for $140 (regularly $200).  (45 min)
  • Semi-private (2 -4 people) - 3 sessions for $75 per person (regularly $120).  (50 min)

**Offer expires on Saturday, 8/25/18.    *Sessions are good for one year from purchase. 


Or text:  661-713-5795

I'd love to work out with you!🤗