Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

I've never been a super fan of hard boiled eggs.  I love egg salad, but those stinking eggs are SO hard to peel!   

Sometimes the peel just slides off, and I feel victorious!  Other times, most of the time, I must admit, the shell peels off in bits and pieces and I'm missing chunks of the white (my favorite part!!) 

But, hooray!   I found a new way to "hard boil" eggs!!   It's not, technically, hard "boiling" because I'm actually steaming the eggs.  

You'll need: 

  • - a large pot
  • - a steamer basket  
  • - a dozen eggs (or however many you choose;)) 


  1. Place steamer basket in pot and fill pot with water just to level with the bottom of the steamer basket
  2. Place eggs in steamer basket
  3. Cover and steam for 20-22 minutes 

Note:  as my sons will attest to, I'm not very good about remembering stuff on the stove!   I know this is horrible and could be dangerous (if I were left at home alone! Hahaha 😜)-- I walk away and get involved in something else and forget there's something on the stove! 

SO,...I found the best solution!  The Instant Pot!!  It is my favorite appliance!  I like it so much that I now have two of them!   It steams, slow cooks (kinda fast slow cooking), pressure cooks, sautes, makes yogurt (I haven't tried this yet) and is a fantastic rice cooker!

I use this to steam my eggs (my favorite appliance!!):