My Morning Shake


💜My Morning Shake

In a blender, blend: 

3 pitted dates, prunes OR a handful of raisins 

1-2 oranges

1 lemon


1-2 cups spinach

1-2 cups frozen berries

1/2 Tbs maca root powder (optional)

1 Tbs raw cacao nibs (optional -- gives it chocolate flavor and a little buzz:))

1 Tbs raw coconut oil 

Liquid as needed -- water, organic raw milk, raw milk kefir OR water kefir 

You can use any variety of fruit. Berries are excellent because of their low sugar content. Sometimes I add frozen pineapple if I don't have oranges. 

Lots of greens is the key and then you can add any variety of fruits and vegetables!  (Beets, cucumbers, carrots, celery,...). Experiment! And enjoy!! :-)

I get my products here: 

There are a lot of blenders you can use, but my personal favorite is the Vitamix -- it blends even large amounts very smooth.    It also has a separate container for grinding dry ingredients, such as herbs and roots. :)