Sweet Potato Noodles

Hi there! 

How many of y'all like potatoes?   I've never been much of a potato eater myself, but I DO dig sweet potatoes!!  They are one of my favorite things!!   My husband and kids think I like sweet potatoes just so I can slather them with butter and salt! :0)   They're right!  I'm a big fan of pastured butter (butter that comes from grass-eating cows).  Pastured butter is rich in Omega 3's!     Additionally, our bodies need salt.  Not the processed table salt variety that is high in sodium, but the unprocessed variety which is rich in magnesium and potassium as well as sodium!   The brand I recommend is Celtic Sea Salt (see below). 

Sweet potatoes are nutrient-dense -- meaning, they're low in calories, high in nutrients!!  They are loaded with fiber, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, iron & vitamins C, D, B & A!!

So,...on to the sweet potato noodles (one of my favorite ways to eat them!)

Here's how

  • "Spiralize" 2 large sweet potatoes with the device seen below
  • With a bit of coconut oil, cook in a pan over medium heat until soft
  • Add butter and salt to taste  
  • Enjoy!!