Preserving Lemons


I'm not a perfectionist.   I get a lot done, but I cut corners to simplify things in the kitchen.    (Consequently, a lot of meals are just ok -- thankfully my hubby is so sweet and he likes and eats whatever I least it's always a healthy meal! :-))

Lately, however, I have discovered the beauty of using real lemons!!   It is a BIT more work than just using bottled lemon juice, but it is a LOT more tasty!!

I have discovered a way to always have "fresh" lemons ready whenever I want them!    The secret,...freeze them!!   Freeze them whole or, if you won't always want the whole lemon, cut it in half, store in a zipper freezer bag and freeze.      

When I'm ready to use a lemon,  I either use it immediately or set it out on the counter for a bit to let it soften.    I grate the peel on my cheese grater and then squeeze out the juice.   -- I don't have a lemon zester, I just use a regular cheese grater, but I like the taste and texture of the strips of peel in some of my recipes.   

I have this "coarse grater" and the "large commercial" juicer (it's awesome!!!  I juice pomegranates with it!!! :0))

Be sure to use organic lemons!! 

Here are a couple of articles on freezing lemons and why you want to use the whole lemon!!


P.S.   I've been using 1/2 a frozen lemon in My Morning Shake and it fabulous!!!!   I just throw the whole thing is -- it's easier to blend if you let it defrost a tad first! 

Try your lemons in this recipe for Lemon Raspberry Chai Pudding!  Mmmmm!