How to make your own "medicine" & stay cold & flu free!!

Immunity Boosting, Cold & Flu Workshop


YOURE INVITED to come make your own medicine, learn how to avoid sickness AND shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms. 

We'll make Thieves Vinegar or Cold Care Capsules, Elderberry Syrup & whole-food, non-GMO Vitamin C! -- I'll take you through my repertoire for cold and flu fighting -- including essential oil use! :-))

I'll gather most of the supplies and you'll go home with a gallon jar of "brewing" Thieves Vinegar or Cold Care Capsules,  Elderberry Syrup, Vitamin C and an action plan to stay cold & flu free this season!



When: October 7, 8, or 14, around 10:00 am Let me know your preference  -- 90 minutes


Where: 25421 Cariz Dr., Valencia 91355 (my house:))

Cost:  $95 (includes 12-15 different organic herbs, apple cider vinegar, honey, jar, bottle, Vitamin C and know-how;0))  If you want to make both Thieves Vinegar and Cold Care, add $15.

***RSVP with your preferred date.

To hold your spot, bringing your check (or cash;0)) to class this week -- or drop it in my mailbox or under my mat.

I hope you can come!!   It's worth it!!    YOU'RE worth it!


Cold & Flu Killer -- Immunity Workshop!


Well, we did our first Immunity Workshop on Friday and it was a success!  I had a great group of women, working together, having fun and getting geared up for cold and flu season!


Here are a few pics of our event:



We made Thieves Vinegar & Elderberry Syrup for daily use as well as for acute conditions.  I take these two, mixed together as a little "shot," twice daily, morning and night for prevention of cold, flu and yeast infections.  When threatened by illness, I take this "shot" up to 4 times daily.    

**this is surely not a prescription, and is merely what I, personally, have done, with great success.

Click here for Thieves Vinegar and here for Elderberry Syrup

If you're a bit uncertain of making these yourself and you'd like to participate in a workshop, please contact me.  Maybe we can have another one!!  :-)


Arnica - The Healing Pain Reliever


Arnica Montana is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it stimulates the healing of damaged tissue. 

rnica is good for:

  • Inflammation
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Gout,
  • Torn muscles and tendons
  • Sprains
  • Sore joints
  • Bruises
  • Pain

It can help improve the flexibility of those with osteoarthritis, by applying right before bedtime so as to ease morning muscle stiffness. 

My husband and my sons have used this on their sprained ankles and, after just a few applications, there has been a noticeable decrease in swelling!    

When I sprained my MCL, I used this several times a day with excellent results.  I also use this on my sore, tired feet after teaching fitness classes :)  I use it regularly and generously wherever I have pain or soreness!

Arnica Salve


  • 1 cup dried arnica
  • 2 cups vegetable oil (such as sweet almond, grape seed, or hemp seed)
  • ½ cup beeswax
  • Essential oils of ginger, clove, rosemary, sweet birch, Scotch pine, and/or wintergreen (a total of 20 drops, only 2 to 3 of which can be wintergreen)”



1.  Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with Arnica flowers (I often include Cayenne, Lavender flowers and Comfrey root and powder to increase the medicinal benefit) 

2.  Fill the jar the rest of the way with olive, almond or sunflower oil.  Jostle the jar and press the herbs to remove any air pockets. Fill the jar almost to the top.  

3.  Close tightly and label; on lid and side of jar -- contents and date

4.  Set in a warm sunny spot for 4-6 weeks, shake every so often.  

5.  At the end of 4-6 weeks, strain the herbs and bottle the oil.   

You may use the oil as is or make it into a salve.  

To make a salve: 

  1. pour oil and 1/4-1/2 cup beeswax into a glass jar
  2. Place jar in a pan of warm water on the stove, slowly heating the oil, stirring gently until the beeswax melts.
  3. Let cool slightly and add a few drops of wintergreen essential oil
  4. Pour into jars and let set.  

Consistent application is the key!  There really is no magic pill!   Ice, rest, elevation and Arnica salve  spell relief. :). 

Order Arnica salve here

Arnica should not be taken internally or placed on open wounds.  

I  order my arnica and beeswax here:

Cultivating Herbal Friendships


Immune Boosting Tincture

A tincture is a highly concentrated herbal extract.   If I'm using alcohol in my tincture, I usually mix it with a tiny bit of hot water, letting it sit for about 2 minutes before I drink it.  This allows the alcohol content to evaporate.  If I'm using vinegar or glycerine in my tincture, I mix it with a little water or take it straight. :)


  • Elderberries
  • Calendula flowers
  • Echinacea Angustifolia root (I like to use powdered root when I use glycerine rather than alcohol
  • Astragalus root
  • Optional:  Cinnamon, Lemon balm, Nettle, Clove, Eleuthero root
  • Alcohol - 80 proof such as vodka OR  Vegetable Glycerine


  • Fill a large jar 2/3 of the way full with the herbs
  • ALCOHOL:  pour the alcohol over the herbs, filling to within 1/4 inch of the rim
  • GLYCERINE:  prepare a mixture of 1/2 warm water and 1/2 vegetable glycerine, pour over the herbs, filling to within 1/4 inch if the rim
  • Seal tightly
  • Label on the lid and side of the jar -- contents and date
  • Store in a warm sunny place and shake gently every so often, for 4-6 weeks
  • Strain and bottle the liquid, storing in glass jars (preferably amber glass jars), in a cool dark cabinet.

To Use:

  • For an acute condition:  I take 1/4-1/2 teaspoon (this is equivalent to 1 dropper full -- 2 1/2 droppers full) every hour, or as often as needed (up to 1/2 tsp every 30 min.)
  • For chronic conditions:  I would take 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day for 2 weeks.  
  • Discontinue use after 2 weeks, taking a 2 week rest period and then repeat this cycle as necessary.

An alcohol tincture will last for many years, a glycerine tincture will last or 2-3 years and a vinegar tincture will last for at least 1 year, maybe more. :-)


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