Spinal Mobility & Flexibility

Spinal Mobility & Flexibility

Mobilize the spine with bridging. Using the abdominals to initiate, curl the tail and peel the spine up slowly - imagine a string of pearls being lifted, one pearl at a time off of the mat.

Add some self-massage to the low-back and hamstrings to prepare the muscles and connective tissue to stretch.

Forward Fold stretches the whole posterior chain: calves, hamstrings, waist, low, mid and upper back and neck.

**set the timer on your phone and hold the stretch for 1-3 minutes. (Feel free to come in and out of it until you can stay in it safely and comfortably. )

Hip, Back, Sciatic Relief and Re-alignment

If you suffer from hip, back or sciatic pain, this simple technique can help your body realign itself. relieving you from that cycle of pain!   

These are the balls we use in my classes and videos.

Remember:  consistency is the key!!  it took years for your body to develop faulty movement patters, tightness, pain,..., and it takes time and consistency to unwind the affects. 

Let me know how these exercises help!

Blessings to you, my friends!


Click here for more hip help: stretches and a self-adjustment!

Upper Back Self-massage - therapeutic for the whole body

A gentle upper back massage that promotes healing and pain relief for the whole body! 

You can use the purple Corgeous Ball, the small toted set, or the 4 inch squishy ball. 

Relax, breathe deep and enjoy!! 

These are the balls we use in my classes and videos.

Consistency is the key!  It took time for our bodies to develop some of its faulty movement patterns and stuck postural issues, which have led to pain, and it takes some time to re-train our bodies.

Wrist & Hand Rehab Exercises

My youngest son broke his thumb and was in a cast for 6 long weeks!   Six weeks of immobility makes for a very sore and weak wrist and thumb!  

Here are a couple of exercises to gently strengthen and mobilize.  


Wrist & Hand Rehab Exercises

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and your own experience with this. 

Happy healing😊 

Hip Alignment

Joint pain anywhere above or below the pelvis could be attributed to misalignment of the pelvis.  Here are a couple of stretches and a self-adjustment to help get your hips back in alignment.  

See my Glutes and abs workouts to strengthen the muscles that will help keep you aligned.   


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