A Beaten Path

Y'all know John the Baptist, right?!  The book of Luke says of him,  "As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet:  'A voice of one calling in the wilderness,  "Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him."'" (Luke 3:4)

In a Bible study I did recently, Beth Moore explained that the Greek word for "paths" is "tribos" and it means a "beaten pathway".   

I asked myself, "Am I preparing the way for The Lord in my life?  Am I preparing myself for the plans He's preparing for me?  Am I making a beaten path between He and I?" 

Do I go to Him and His Word so frequently that there is a beaten path between us? 

John the Baptist prepared himself to prepare the way for Jesus.  He was prepared when it was time for his ministry to begin.  

Am I prepared?  Or am I just living my life my way? For my own plans? My own enjoyment?  When it's time for God to unfold His new plans in my life, will I be prepared?  Is the path between Christ and I an overgrown jungle or is it a well-worn, beaten pathway, because it's in constant use?!

If you feel like you're in a holding pattern or you're not sure where you're going or even if you're going anywhere inparticular, how are you using this time of "waiting"?

Decide today to not waste a moment!  Draw close to God everyday, every minute.  Talk to Him all through the day about everything!  Pick a Bible verse, verses or a chapter and meditate on it, "own it" (thanks, Tamara!😊).   

Ask God to show you how to spend your time, find an area of interest and study it, practice it!  Become an expert at something!   While you're moving toward a deeper relationship with The Lord, toward becoming an expert at something, it won't even seem like waiting!  You'll have purpose!

And enjoy the process!😊 

--I'd love to hear from you!   Leave me a comment or contact me with something you'd like to read about and (maybe ;-)) I'll accommodate! 


Blessings to you on your journey!