Strength Training! Legs & Glutes

Strength and endurance for those lovely legs and glutes!  

Since your legs and glutes are big muscles, you can use heavier weights OR, you can absolutely use no weight other than your own body weight against gravity!

I like to do the plie' squats as they allow you to keep your weight right over your pelvis and hips and are a bit easier on the back.  Be sure to keep knees and toes in the same direction, knees over ankles and press the thighs back (open).  


Strength Training! Chest Press

Chest press is a good way to strengthen the chest and arms in preparation for push ups!   

You'll need 2 heaveier weights and a small ball to squeeze between the thighs is option.   Place the ball between the thighs, just above the knees and squeeze throughout the exercise.  This helps to engage the pelvic floor and thus the abdominals!


Strength Training! Glutes & Hamstrings

Hi there!  This is my favorite exercise to target the Glutes and hamstrings.  If you put a small ball between your thighs, just above the knee, and squeeze throughout the exercise,  you'll get some great inner thigh work as well!

No equipment necessary.   A small ball and heavy weight are optional.   

Strength Training! Triceps

Firm up those soft under arms! ;0) 

Youll need one heavier weight and a resistance tube anchored to something sturdy.  If you don't have a resistance tune, you could transition to dips or Tricep push-ups (on your knees or against a wall :)) 

Remember, consistency is the key to getting results! 

Enjoy!  :0)

Strength Training -- Shoulders & Upper Back

Strengthen your shoulders and upper back, and, as always, Your abdominals!!  :-).    Think of your abs as a girdle, they're wrapped all the way around, just synch them up!!

Here's a great little set that gives you options:                    Or:

Pilates on the Ball

Pilates on the Ball -- strengthen your small, but all-important core stabilizers as you challenge your balance with this core workout.  Focus: glutes & abs

You'll need a ball and an optional set of weights.  See below for equipment 

What size ball is right for you?   To choose the correct size:  Sit on the ball, and both knees & hips should be at 90 degrees.  



Level 1: Roll the ball in, bending the knees, looking toward the thighs. Roll ball back out, keeping abs tight and back straight.  


                    2.)  BRIDGING:


1.)  Knees over ankles, abs tight. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings.  Lower hips slightly, without letting go of the squeeze.


                         3.)  BRIDGING ON THE BALL:


Keep shoulders relaxed, chin tucked slightly


2.  Keeping weight on shoulder blades, squeezed glutes up a little higher


                                      4.) PLANK ON BALL:


Keeping abs braced and tight, roll the ball out and back. 

                            5.)  CRUNCHES ON BALL:


It helps to put your feet on something stable.



Brace abs!  No sagging in the low back! :)


Level 2: transfer weight over shoulders and Pike ball in:  looking at the ball,  Keep legs straight and lift hips toward the ceiling. Brace abs and return to starting position. 



2.)  Focusing on the backs of the legs and the glutes, lift hips so that thighs are parallel to the floor.  No arch in the back.  Keep knees over ankles, and no pressure the neck. 


1-leg bridge balance:  Transfer weight to left leg and balance.  Repeat on right leg.  Brace abs for balance






1.  Lift hips, but keep shoulder blades on mat


1-leg Bridge on Ball:  I like to start on my weaker leg (my left) so I finish on my good side! :0)

  • Inhale to prepare, exhale, lift hips, inhale lower.
  • Keep weight on shoulder blades, not on the head.  Repeat on the other side.





No sag in the back!  Brace the abs to protect the back :)



Inhale to prepare, exhale to curl up, inhale to roll down.  Let the ball roll as you curl up. 

  • Think about pressing your belly down and flat throughout the exercise.

Pilates on the Foam Roller

Work your back, abs, glutes and hamstrings!  Finish with a luxurious stretch!

You'll need a mat, a foam roller (6x36) and a set of weights.

Enjoy!  Let me know how it goes!

4 Quick & Simple Daily Exercises

Exercising every day may seem daunting, yet there are a couple of simple exercises that are quick, simple and far worth the effort!  A little work each day will result in greater gains on the days that you do a "full workout"

Here they are:

1.) Planks: front plank and side planks

  • elbows under shoulders, forearm pressed into the mat
  • on knees or toes
  • "plank" indicates straight and flat body, braced abs, tight glutes and legs
  • hold for 30-60 seconds each -  as you improve, repeat or increase the time

2.) Crunches 

  • feet on floor, knees bent, hands behind head with head resting heavy in your hands
  • inhale to prepare, exhale to lift shoulders off mat
  • initiate lift from the abdominals, drawing the ribs to the hips
  • with improvement, increase difficulty by taking knees over hips, lower legs parallel to floor

3.) Push-ups:  great full-body exercise!

  • hands wide and chest height
  • on knees for beginners and work up to doing it on the toes
  • inhale, bend elbows to 90 degrees, exhale, push up
  • good form is the key!  Do as many as you can with good form, even if it's only 1!  Note where you start and give yourself praise for the improvement that, with consistency, you are sure to see! :)

4.) Back extension:  you've worked the front of the body, now, to keep your body in balance, it's time to work the back of the body.

  • lying on belly, forehead on the floor, arms and legs extended in a small "V", thumbs up
  • inhale, lift right arm and left leg; exhale, lower.  Repeat, alternating sides
  • to finish, lift both arms and both legs and flutter "kick".  

You can do it!!  Enjoy and be grateful for the amazing body with which you've been blessed! :0)


Maximize Your Walk

You'll need a small ball and a resistance tube.   See below for equipment

This is a great workout you can do while you're on a walk!  Just your bring your tube along!

Quick and effective!! Hits all the body parts! Enjoy! :0)